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Hope you all like my arts ' 7 ' /


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Clgt Art

I'm a amateur artist living in a small country named Viet Nam. I love cats, love all adorable things.
I'm even in love with Toothless, a character in How to train your dragon. Hm.. you know, well, I think,.. HE IS ACTUALLY A CAT!!! A FUCKING ADORABLE CAT!!!!!!

Oh, I have a cat too. Love to pinch his balls and stare at him until he says "Meow" Urggggg!!! That's lovely!!!!!!

Find me on tumblr:
And recently I'm enjoying twitter:
Or facebook:

I have my personal facebook but I'm a little shy so.. just see me on my fanpage :">


[AT] Piratenebel by clgtart
[AT] Piratenebel
Art trade with awesome :iconPratenebel:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much for waiting me ; A ;

I made you wait too longgggg!!!! I hope this piece will make you happy, friend!! Your OC looks awesome! :iconasdfghplz:

Oh, I'm trying flat colors and it seems look good now. :'>  
C: House of Oria by clgtart
C: House of Oria
Another commission for awesome :iconcreatoremagico:

You guys should check his art and the story about this beautiful man above. I'm sure you will have the feeling like me, super awesome!!!!!! :iconasdfghplz:

House of Oria

Urg.. I need to draw him again!!!!

Character belong to Saku aka :iconcreatoremagico:
Merry Christmas from Hiccup and Toothless by clgtart
Merry Christmas from Hiccup and Toothless
Christmas is nearrrrrrrr !!!!
And I want to present to you guys my loveeeeeee!!!!!!

Now your Hiccup is here with Toothless cat in your Christmas!!! 

*Argg.. I'm too excited!!*

Want to buy some from this? Check here if you love it :iconasdfghplz:…
C: His Past by clgtart
C: His Past
A new idea from my awesome client :iconfrenchphilosopher:
I love the way Naruto face hidden under the shadow :)

Anyway, the clothes was based on…

Thanks for watching and comment :)
Yay! I got one. 

Congrats :iconginger-love: , your OC design is really impressive!!!! I will tell clearly why in my final work on gallery.

And you guys, it's a really hard decision since all of your OCs is super great!! (I want to cry for myself..) but this is only my opinion and my taste. I had to roll around on the bed and think what if I told earlier that I will use random picker instead of doing this. It is really hard!!! I wish I have more time to do more ; r ;

See you next time on facebook~



I'm in high mood and want to draw something urgg... something I feel awesome. 
Okay, I admit, the flood of works made me artblock now and I want to refresh myself!!!

So, I open request again. But this time will included colors andddd 1 SLOT ONLY!

I'm sure I will pay more details on the request than usual ;) Just because I feel like I want to do it so much!

What's rule here?

- Comment below with reference!

- Will finish in this weekend with the last request I forgot ehehe..

- One character only.

- I will pick randomly, just the one I feel like to do it and I will tell you why I choose you ;) So better explain about your OCs, it will hit me harder!!!


Let's start it!

The request will closed when I have the lucky person in hand :D

Oh, btw, if you want to have more chances of request from me, like my fanpage on Facebook:

Good luck you guys!
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  • Listening to: Chandelier - Sia
  • Playing: Ragnarok


clgtart has started a donation pool!
0 / 500

If you like my works, please donate me
All your donation are greatly appreciate! Thank you <3


Yay, would you like to have some pic which i draw? With 4-15$?

-If you are interested in my style, you can ask me to have a commission :iconyoshplz:
-I do discount if you commission me many and/or high priced pieces.

Medium: Digital (and Traditional if you want)

Here is a price:

• Manga style:
+ Portraits lineart: 8$ per character. One extra character +4$
+ Full body lineart: 10$ per character. One extra character +5$
+ Colored:
(No portraits because I will add some simple colors in lineart portraits if you want ^7^ )
- Half body: 10$ per character.
- Full body: 15$ per character.
One extra chacter +8$
Koromaru - Persona 3 by clgtart Killua in progress by clgtart Mid-Autumn by clgtart

• Chibi:
- Portrait lineart: 4$. One extra character: +2$
- Full body lineart: 6$ One extra character: +3$
- Colored:
(Same as Lineart manga style, no portraits color).
+ Halfbody: 7$ per character
+ Full body: 10$ per character.
One extra charater: +4$
Cerberus by clgtartCommission sample by clgtartD.A contest - Little Cerberus. by clgtart

I'll do simple BG: + 5$
Magic Girl. by clgtart Contest - Hm? by clgtart

More details (in BG, text,...): We will take about it. You can make a deal with me :3

>I accept:

-Fanart and OC.

-Chibi of yourself or other people (music band, singer, your dear people, ect.)

-Shoujo-ai, shounen-ai

>I don't accept:

-Nudity. Yaoi. Yuri.

> Payment:

- Paypal.

>How to book:

1.Send me a note with "commission" subject. I'll send you a note if I need further infor then if I think whether I can do it, I'll send you a note again with my paypal info.

2.You send the payment.

3.I'll send you the commissions through mail as JPG or PSD or submit them depends on your liking.


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Hello. You have such beautiful art. I would like to ask you for a commission, please. May I?
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Hi, I'm glad you like my art > r <

I'm opening commission anyway, take a look at this…

If you feel interested, please send me a note > v < /
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I'm up for an Art Trade :iconsmilieplz:…
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